It rained our last full day in Florence so we decided to walk around a little but head in the direction of the museums that we would seek shelter from the rain in. We had no idea that this was the day of the Florence Marathon, which we saw a lot of as we walked the wet streets.

It reminded me a lot of the NYC Marathon, especially when it passes through our part of Brooklyn – people were hanging out of their flat’s windows, standing on stoops, or in cafes – drinking wine and cheering on the runners, whom I felt sorry for given the raining conditions.


Just like in Brooklyn, there were a number of bands set up along the course – this chorus sang religious songs in the steps of the Piazza della SS. Annunziata.


Stumbled on this piece of graffiti – I had to go with the tight angle shot as it was behind a line of parked cars. “If voting changed anything…. The world would be OK”. How true.

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