After we finished up at the Palazzo Vecchio we wander the streets for a short while, looking for a place to have lunch – we found teh most unassuming little place on a side-street.  I wish I had written down the name and location – it was  a fabulous lunch. I had the gnocchi sorrentino, which was amazing – one thing that amazed me was that there were old pictures covering the wall, mostly of the Palazzo Vecchio area  – the photograph over our table showed Hitler and Mussolini addressing a large crowd in front of the Palazzo.

After lunch we went to the Uffizzi – I do not have many pictures from that visit as there were guards everywhere and unlike the guards at the David, these were pretty serious about not letting people take pictures.  So I enjoyed the collection – was really blown away by the Botticellis – The Birth of Venus was amazing.  Above is one of the few pictures I took in the Uffizzi – it’s the view of the Palazzo Vecchio clock tower from the cafeteria.

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