The first museum we visited was the Palazzo Vecchio – this had not been in our plans for the day, but the museum was featuring  a Damien Hirst exhibit – For the Love of God, which was brilliant but lasted all of 15 minutes.  We had paid admission to see the Hirst exhibit so we decided to tour the Medici’s house a bit. This is the floor of Cosimo I bedroom – Cosimo continued the Medici’s support of the arts, founding the Uffizi to house the family’s art collection.


This is the alter piece of the Chapel, which was used by the Medici’s personal priests. The Chapel was built in 1511 and is decorated in rich gold frescos. The painting above the alter is by Fra’ Mariano da Pescia and depicts the Madonna with Child and the Saints John and Elizabeth.


Considered Bronzino’s masterpiece, the Chapel of Eleanor was built by Cosimo I for his wife Eleanor of Toledo between 1540-1541. This detail of the ceiling only captures a small glimpse of the magnificence of this room – small in size the colors pop off the walls and imagery is so lifelike. This was my favorite part of the fresco with the angel fighting of the devil trying to gain entrance to Heaven.

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